Frequently asked questions

Your questions about Bryt Virtual Academy , answered before hand.

Frequently Asked Questions  - For Students.

Each course has its own specified duration and depends on the type of content.

All courses vary in price but are specified on our website 

No, all courses held under virtual academy are group classes. However, we aim to have small class sizes (15-20 people maximum) to ensure full interaction. Information on class sizes is made available ahead of registration.

You may pay when you decide to enroll in the course. A grace period is given for refund eligibility.

Frequently Asked Questions  - For Partners.

Bryt-Knowledge is a multifaceted online educational platform that connects students with subject matter experts using technology-led solutions.

Bryt Virtual Academy offers 100% online specialist small group courses targeted at students, delivered in real time and run by local and international subject-matter experts.  Some programs include Financial Education, Coding and more, which are all tailored to meet the demands of global learning.

We also offer 1-on-1 tutoring on our platform, which provides students with an easy to use, efficient and personalised experience to assist them in achieving their academic goals, whether they are in grade school or university.

Once you confirm the start date of your courses, we market them to our customers and process payments from registered students. We then remit them to you in your preferred currency after the refund deadline you set. You will log on to the online classroom on our BRYT platform for classes.

We are looking for partners who offer subjects that supplement the traditional academic curriculum. Some topics that are popular in our target markets include languages, coding, robotics, dance, graphic design, UX, and trading.

No, this is a non-exclusive agreement with BRYT. We serve the role of a reseller or re-distributor, and help you market your courses on our platform.

We have a revenue-sharing model with a general commission rate, although we are open to discuss a rate that best fits our mutual commercial goals.

With BRYT Knowledge, each partner has an opportunity to increase their market share through exposure to new foreign and local markets, as well as through gaining competitive advantage over industry peers. Most importantly, you receive an opportunity to scale and share your expertise with countless learners.

Simply visit our website at and click Contact Us to leave a message. Our team members will contact you to discuss further.

The duration of a course varies with each service provider and is dependent on the content the partner is offering.

Yes, it is possible to offer more than one course at a time.

The payment will be remitted after the refund deadline, and payment timeline is jointly agreed upon.

Ideally, a smaller class size is advised (15-20 students maximum), although this decision depends on the course provider and the class dynamics.